Christmas & Holiday Lighting

Maan Christmas & Holiday Lighting

Where the magic of Christmas and the joy of the holiday season come to life.

Welcome to our Christmas and Holiday Lighting Decor services, where we specialize in transforming your spaces into enchanting winter wonderlands filled with warmth, joy, and festive cheer. Being in a Festive season is a joy that is incomplete without holiday seasonal decor. To get the warmth and magic of the holiday season whether it’s Christmas or a wedding, you are at the right place. At Maan Lighting Decor , we bring your fantasy to reality by installing Fairy Lights, festive lights, string lights and special pixel lights. Bring a seasonal festive vibe to your house with our Christmas Lights Service. From Home and Business Holiday Light installation with different lights designed to decoration setup, we have it all.

Embrace the holiday spirit and let us transform your spaces into magical wonderlands. Contact us today to discuss your Christmas and holiday lighting decor needs, and let Maan Lighting Decor create an unforgettable festive experience for you and your loved ones.

Our Installation Process

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Best-in-Class Setup

Our installation process is characterized by our commitment to excellence. We employ industry-leading techniques and utilize high-quality equipment to ensure a flawless setup. Our experienced technicians are skilled in handling a wide range of lighting installations, ensuring that your Christmas and holiday decor is showcased at its best. Choose from a variety of enchanting lighting options for your holiday decor like Outdoor Christmas Trees, Pathway Lighting, String Lights, Fairy Lights, and more décor lights. Create a magical and romantic ambiance with warm and soft colors. From the outline of the house to the animated windows panels and rgb trees, we promise a best-in-class Christmas light installation setup.

Safety and Efficiency

We prioritize safety during the installation process, adhering to industry standards and guidelines. Our team takes every precaution to ensure that the lighting setup is secure, minimizing any risks. With efficiency and professionalism, we complete the installation promptly, allowing you to enjoy the festive ambiance without delay. Our Pixel Lights are Fireproof and waterproof, Enjoy the holiday season worry-free with our safe and efficient holiday decorating services


  1. What is the cost of Christmas Lighting installation?

We adjust prices based on the size of your house/ Business and the type of lighting you want. The budget covers the cost of the display, installation, and removal.

  1. When should I book your lighting services?

It’s a good idea to book our lighting services as soon as you can to make sure you get the dates you want. The availability might change depending on the time of the year but Contact us for more information. 

  1. How are our lights better than lights from other companies?

Our Christmas lights are special because they are made with high-quality LED Pixels and designed specifically to fit perfectly in your home.

  1. Do you provide lighting installation services for the property or just the house?

We’re experts in outdoor lighting too and property is also included! If you want to make your garden, patio, or outdoor event area shine, our team can create a lighting plan that makes your outdoor spaces look even more beautiful and creates a captivating atmosphere.

  1. Do you take down the lights soon after Christmas? 

Our friendly customer service is with you 24/7 and will help you choose a date after an agreement.